Sunday, October 18, 2015

Malay Bibimbap

Yessss! Finally i had made my favourite korean dish by myself, yes, myself. Since my husband also doesn't has preference on what to eat for lunch yesterday, i suggested to have this menu and he said why not as long as it doesn't include him going to the kitchen and help, haha. Just kidding baby :P 

So here we go,


Warm rice,
Bean sprout,
Chili paste,
Sesame oil (very important)
Cili padi,
Chili sauce and Kicap.

Instead of using Gokchujang i made the sauce myself, this is the method;

Cook (Cili paste / cili boom / cili kering kisar + asam jawa) with enough cooking oil and sesame oil + chili sauce + drops of kicap + salt + sugar


1. Cook bean sprout with water and a pinch of salt. Then you toss them and mix well with sesame oil. Leave aside.

2. Fry spinach with onion and chili and cooking oil and sesame oil, then add abit of water. Salt and sugar is a must. Then leave aside.

3. Then fry carrot with cooking oil and sesame oil too. Salt and sugar dont forget! Leave aside too.

4. Finally, fry thin layer of beef with garlics + cooking oil + sesame oil until the meat has soften. Salt and sugar and leave it aside.

5. Fry some eggs with pinch of salt + cooking oil. In my case, i dont have good non stick pan yet, so i made scramble eggs instead, hehe.

6. Put rice thickly on the bottom of a bowl, then place all the condiments nicely on the top. Last but not least, pour the homemade gokchujang on top of it. Mix well all of it, and there you have it. Your own bibimbap, yeayyy! 

My husband and i really enjoy this recipe, hope u do too! Its really easy and confirm halal, hehe. I found happiness in cooking lately, i'm going to try making other wonderful dishes soon! Wish me luck! :D