Friday, October 16, 2015

Good good life

It has been a good 7 months without no updates in my dearest blog. I missed blogging so much oh oh! So i decided to write something on it today (go to apple store and download this blogger app again since my iphone keep on signing with low memory space aka full with my son's pictures, haha). 

Alhamdulillah, life's great so far. Especially with an addition to my little family, Az Zayyan sayang. I haven't properly introduce him yet inside here, but yeah, he already turned 8 months old couple of days ago. Can you believe that?? I mean, isn't he just a little tiny baby before, how could he grown so fastt, i can cry nowww. 

At 7 months, he can stand up on his own while leaning on something or anyone, try to release both his hands sometimes in a hope that he won't fall, but he always falls haha. Have 4 little tooth, two ups and two downs. Able to eat anything that tastes delicious. Play on his own. Talkative. And lots of crying going on these days especially when he turns 8 months! I.... Just.... Cannot.... T_T

But seeing him growing up to be a charming and healthy young boy, it is satisfying enough. Mommy always prays that Zayyan will grow up to become pious, patient, a good son to us, a smart boy, handsome inside and out, and successful in what ever you do.

Okay here is the promising picture that i owe you guys for 7 months haha. 

Career wise, i am still learning. There is so much to understand, and adapting knowledge and life currently going on. I am forever thankful to Allah for this opportunity to be working with such a grand multinational oil company in Malaysia despite the crisis of crude oil price to date. I have heard many stories of laid off in the service companies, which really broke my hearts since its affecting my friends too. But fret not, Allah always has plan for everyone, eventually life goes on and we will always figure out how to live. To tell you guys the truth, i am started to feel like i do not belong to where i'm working now. Honestly, waking up to work is no longer something i look up for every morning. I just don't like the idea of working in a whole really, haha. I wish i can stop working and just do things i love! But i haven't found 'the thing i love' yet, so i might just have to drag myself to work everyday! LOL. Else, i need to find my real motivation besides only be happy at the end of each month with my own sweat salary, teehee. 

Marriage life? Alhamdulillah me and Nono just turned two early this month on 5th of October 2015, hehe. This too, i cannot believe!! How time flies! Lets be honest here, couples always fought and resolved again, and that is normal for us. Who doesnt fight right? Haha. Somehow, when we fight we voice out our worries, our troubles, our problems, which is good you know? I really dont like hiding things behind my husband's knowledge. He has the right to know everything that is going on in my life and vice versa. That is one of the reason we are still going strong and so much in love everyday. Coming back from work and having my two favorite persons is just fulfilling for me. Life couldn't be better than thiss, awww. Hehe. For this year anniversary, i didn't ask for any gifts but i requested him to kiss me at least 5 times daily, just to keep the love still floating in the air, haha. Having a baby these days, hmmm, affections no longer matters i guess since we were both tired and tied up. But doing silly request like this will definite keep the flame burning, cewahhh hahaha. Okay, please puke now, sorry but i dont really care :P

For whatever happened in the past and what's going to happen in the future, i will keep myself grounded and be thankful for just living and breathing. Alhamdulillah!