Sunday, March 15, 2015

Labour Story

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Last month i am only a wife but now i'm a mommy too! Ya Allah, i still cannot digest this. I mean, being a mom at the age of 24. This is a real deal and i know having this baby is such a blessing from Him. Alhamdulillah, on the last 14th of February 2015 (Saturday / Valentines day), a baby boy was born at 7.35 pm, weighted 3.36 kg with the length of 50 cm named:

Az Zayyan Bin Mohd Norshahrul Hafizi

Me, Nono and Mom were talking casually in the living hall. I told them how i wish i can deliver Zayyan earlier than my due date. Hehe. Little that i know, later during Zohor Azan, i started to feel something going on in my below part. When i sent off Nono to the door as he goes to perform Friday's prayer, i started to feel the pain.i went to the toilet and discovered that my blood already showed! I was scared and happy at the same timeee! But mostly excited (unknowing the pain awaited, lol) i told my mom about it. And so we calmly packed everything while waiting for Nono to come back from the mosque.

And so i was admitted in the ward. When checked for the opening, there was none! Hahaha. So doctor proposed to induce and i said okayy as i was very excited to see my baby alreadyy. Hehe. Then only i found out what real contractions feel like, hahaha. It was nothing like i ever think of, it was like pffffttttttt, ya Allah, sakitnyaaa! I keep holding onto Nono's arm or hand for support (transfering the pain of course). My mom cannot stand seeing me in pain so we asked the nurse to give me pain killer 3 hours early. After one hour, dilated 2 cm, then i fall asleep in hope that tomorrow 10 cm will dilate. Haha. Around 3 am, i can feel contraction coming again but still okay i thought so i sleep through the night very well. 

The next morning, doctor came in to check my opening, it was still 2 cm but it was all good cause the induced pill worked on me. She asked the nurse to induce me using drip then to enhance the process of dilation. After having mcD for breakfast at 9 am (my husband spoilt me alot, but only up to that day, pffftt), i have some good rest because i need to save some energy to push push later, at least that's what i thought would happened. Drip started at 12pm and the contractions keep coming like crazyyy! I was crying in pain and keep wanting to holding on someone's hand. Every 2 hours, nurse came in to check the opening but sadly, at 6pm it was nothing more than 3 cm. I was in pain for 6 hours for nothing after all. I was so pale, no energy left and helpless. The doctor told my mom and Nono that i need to be operate because worried that the baby will be suffocated if prolonged. They asked for my permission, but i was really reluctant to be operate! I mean, a knife cutting my body part, errr no thanks. 

But Nono convinced me to go through this last process, for the sake of our baby. And i said yes finally. They prepared me to go to operation theater quickly. I was lucky because the OT team still working during that hour. I was already tired and just wanted baby to come out as soon as possible. Alhamdulillah, the operation went well and i was so touched upon hearing Zayyan's crying voice for the first time. The nurse came near to me and showed, "Ezza, Ezza, this is your baby". I gave him a kissed and i was helpless again. But i cannot thank Allah enough to help me to go through this process with ease and my baby is alright and healthy. Alhamdulillah! 

I cannot feel my stomach and butt up to this day because of the pain killer effect. Haha, but it was alright though. The next baby will be through operation too i guess, less painful. Hehe. Will update more later! It took me a month to share this! I was so busy learning on how to become a mom. Oh by the wayyy, because i was operated, for almost two weeks i can hardly breastfeed Zayyan and Zayyan was already familiar with bottled nipple which making it even harder. I had to pump every two hours and thank god for Medela freestyle, seriously a must buy for every mommy! But the sorrow of not able to breastfeed your own baby is very devastated. Alhamdulillah, my aunty suggested me something i think i should share with everyone. My savior was nipple shield!!! Go buy it everyoneeee!! Nono bought me Medela's brand for 70myr but worth his every penny as i can breastfeed Zayyan!! Yeayy! 

Okay, got to go. Zayyan is awake, byee! 
Will update his picture after my confinement days has ended! ;)