Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deep Frustration

Assalamualaikum and good morning people.

Of all the days that i have gone through each day going to work by trains, today, i have reached my limit of disappointment. I am eight months pregnant now and my belly has protruding each day like it was nobody's business. But i guess, people are so blind to see a pregnant lady needs seat inside the train more than their healthy body do! Every morning, when i took LRT to my office, i purposely chose the coach which has seats for priority people, obviously because i NEED that seat. I can barely walk right now, and how could you let me stand until my foots went cramped in the morning?!

Come on lah, please do have some conscience about this issue people. I was thisss close to take picture of those people pretending not seeing me standing and flashing my belly in front of them so that i can share here with all of you. & today wasn't the first time, it has been several days now. But i keep on calming myself and lean against the pole while sighing with many thoughts going through my head, such as:

"I hope after you went off the train, you will trip and die!"


"I wished that you will never get seats when you're pregnant later"


"Woman, you should know other woman better when they're pregnant"


"Why there is no other people help me to get a seat inside the train? Maybe they could give the bad people some intense stare or even tap on their shoulder to give me that seat?"

Astaghfirullahalazim. I know, i shouldn't be thinking about those bad things. But i am in my deepest frustration. When i wasn't pregnant before, i often offer seats to priority people because i know they need it more than i do but why when it is my time, no one willing to give up their seat for me?

I thought KL is the most civilized place in Malaysia, but i guess the people here are not really civilized yet.