Sunday, December 28, 2014


Its already the end of year 2014. and usually around this time, the east coast people would expect to be tested with heavy rains and flooding here and there. This year is not exceptional for us as well. Allah has tested many of us with loss of foods and drinks, place to stay comfortably and the joy of having good weather everyday. I always believe that Allah wont give us hardship that we cannot handled, so for those who were affected, please be strong and have faith that this test will lead you into something better, inshaa Allah. My grandparents in temerloh were among the victims. Knowing that they only live there having each other to survive make my heart ache. I always pray that they will be safe.. it has been such a long time since i met them last. After this monsoon ends, i will for sure make time to visit them. I miss them both so dearly :'( Being far, what most of us can do is just praying hard and hope Allah will protect the one we loved. Inshaa Allah..