Friday, December 12, 2014


Everyone needs company most of the time. To eat, to chit-chatting, to simply lepak and do nothing, to go shopping and etc etc. Since i am in my fast track for my training program under Mr P, i have to skip more things in the structure of the program. Well, i am very lucky to be honest. Being pregnant, and able to fast forward everything makes me the happiest girl alive! Hahaha. But there is a down side of it too. I have no friends (or less) to accompany me. So rather than keep chasing people's butt, i started to exhibit a new habit which is to be a lone ranger. Haha, sad! I know. When people go breakfast or have lunch in a large group and invited me along, i tend to say no. Rather than having an awkward conversation and all, i prefer to sit in front of my laptop laughing watching movies. Its not that i dint mingle at all, but i think i am more happier when i didnt trying hard to please others. Being away from my friends, makes me more independent. I can talk to other people whenever i want and i can stop talking to them whenever i feel like tired of talking, hehe. It allows me to mingle with different people as well since my scope of preference is no longer making friends but to do more networking, which is much more important in the industry works as we all know.

Lone ranger is a good decision after all. But i really cannot live far away from my man, Nono. I miss him alot these days. Seven months pregnant and away from him makes me feel life-less. I am a type of clingy wife to be honest. I will whatsapp and call him everyday, 24/7 without fail. For us, communications are the basic thing to keep one another updated. Even for silly things, we will still laughing and teasing each other. Phones may be our means of communication, but i want more! I need him nearby for me to hug and kiss and hug again (awkward). Maybe i'm just missing him too much. I cannot wait for the day i can be transferred to Kerteh! Hopefully when this training is over, i will able to sleep besides my husband again. Teehee. 

I know, he was trying his best to keep us close together. But i always think that it wasnt good enough, too bad, i am not that easy. Hahaha. But truthfully, having a child inside my stomach, wriggling around gives me sort of support. Especially when i'm alone and thinking about Nono. I have nothing to complain in life, except for, i hate being husband-less :(