Sunday, November 16, 2014

6 Months

Assalamualaikum & Hello peeps!

It has been awhile since my last post. I am going through a lot for these past few months but being happily pregnant is my top priority. Today is the day 1 i went back to KL office. To be honest, being in east coast region is so much fun compared to here since i really hate the hectic life of KL people. Every morning we need to rush off to work and spend most of the time inside public transportation, oh man, it totally sucks. Coincidentally & lucky me, my husband has training to attend to in KL & the hotel is only few meters away from LRT Ampang Park! Alhamdulillah! But this good news will only lasts until this Wednesday :( But still, having him here is truly a blessing. He's been an angel this days, treating me good and try to please me in any way. But of course, me being me, never took advantage of his kindness (as if, hahaha). 

Oh by the way, i am in my 25th weeks now! Weehoo or boohoo? I dont know which one will i choose. I mean weehoo, another 3 months to go for our baby to arrive! And boohoo for the pain that i will suffer during delivering, hahaha. But i dont mind, since giving birth to a child is a big sacrifice plus Allah S.W.T will grant pahala to the us, the mothers. Subhanallah, Allah is always gracious to us. I have nothing to complaint in life since i know the blessings from Him are far more important. Since the day one i'm pregnant up until 24th weeks, i never had a book from doctor which hold a record of my precious child. I knowww right, i am really a bad mother to be. But truth being told, i have no idea what to do and what not. They said i need to open a book at government hospital or clinic, but when i went to 4 clinics to open a book, they all keep on giving excuses not to open one. I totally understand if they refuse to open a book, since i am working in KL and during that time i was attaching at Kerteh and wanted to give birth at Kuantan. In the end, me & Nono decided to go to KPJ Kuantan. At 24th weeks, baby & me finally have a record of our health. Hahaha. I was even scolded by the gynae :(  

I am doing pretty well, active and still eating well. But i do have a concern in my mind. I dont understand why people like to share disgusting pictures on facebook recently. I often scrolled and found not so cool picture for a pregnant lady to see. I always istighfar and rubbed my tummy so that nothing like in the picture would happen to my baby. Facebook is no longer in my interest list now. Its better for me to play games like soda crush or yellow fins rather than having a 90% chance to see bad pictures inside facebook. When my husband read this, he will probably understand my obsession with games lately, teehee :D

P/s: A good info to share. During my pregnancy, i always woke up knowing that i snoring loudly while sleeping! I got to stop embarrass myself :( So i google how & found this good article. I also found this one new fact! Pregnant lady, this is a must read okay? Scaryy to know that sleeping in a straight position may harm the baby! Luckily i am not a discipline kind of girl when sleeping, so kesian my husband always kena tendang! Lol.