Sunday, October 19, 2014

Little us

Having a child inside my own tummy is a new feeling for me, a great one i must say. Now that my baby is already reaching 5 months, i got to feel his/her movement more often! Already started to swim and kicking my tummy, can you believe it people?! I am growing a child inside of me! So surreal this experience. Thank you Allah S.W.T for this blessing. These days, i have heard so many scary miscarriage stories from friends and family. Even when the baby already passed the first trimester, there is no guarantee that the pregnancy would be smooth until the baby pops out. I always pray to Allah for our safety and hope for protection from any harms. 

My cravings and emotions are all sort out now. I can control baby & myself except for peeing! Hahaha. Everytime i went out and arrived at a place, i will have to pee! Even if i dont drink a sip of water, i still need to go to the toilet! i really truly don't understand my body mechanism these days. Nono was always kind enough to layan his wife but there's also one point in time, he started to get annoyed! Haha. Heyy, dont blame me, its your baby doing too!

But i think pregnancy is a very interesting process. And i will embrace it while i still can. Half way to go until baby is out! We already have name for the baby. In the next post, i might call him/her Baby Z! Hehe. 

P/s: We also know the gender already! Its so exciting! Keep on guessing people ;)

I love you already baby mommy, we cannot wait to see you in person!