Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yummy vs tummy

Assalamualaikum people :)

First thing first, you guys already knew that i'm pregnant right? This post will somehow trigger you guys to go to your kitchen and find at least one thing to eat since this is a post about food. Hahaha. My first trimester went well i guess, muntah-muntah tu dh biasa dh but i've been losing alot of weight! Entering the second trimester, my stomach always growling for food. I have to eat consistently since i'm getting hungry in a split of time. Definitely not joking guys. I can gulped down a bowl of rice with only fish, then i grabbed a banana as my dessert. As soon as my banana finished, i started to open the fridge and find my dearest ice cream. 

I've been wanting to eat everything now. Everytime Nono and me pass down any roads, and i saw people selling guava or fruits i quickly asked Nono to stop and buy. Well, at first he thought all the foods were to satisfy my cravings, but soon he learnt that i wanted to eat everything i saw. Hahaha. Since then, he ignored my request most of the time :( what's wrong with eating.. i'm eating for two now. He should understands! No? Luckily i'm working and have my own pocket money. Whenever i feel like wanting to eat anything, i will just start my car engine and off to the mart without any second thoughts. Hahaha. When Nono went back home and saw all the groceries, he will start his lecture about me spending money carelessly and how i need to eat nutritious foods for me & baby. Pffftttt, he doesn't knows that baby wanted all these foods, not me. 

 Last two weeks, before Nono has to work day and night during his company's shutdown, we went back to Kelantan. I was so determined to find all the good foods in Kelantan this time! & thankfully Nono and his family were kind enough to bring me around Kota Bharu & Tak Bai for food hunting. Hahaha. From the famous roti titab, to coconut ice cream in Tak Bai! Baby & me were beyond satisfied! :D

Last week, i fasted for 2 days in a row. But on the second day, while Nono and i were having Maggi Seafood in Dungun, i felt pain under my belly. I told Nono about it, but as usual, he didn't believe my words. He thought his wife is a drama queen, haha. Suddenly my head was spinning and the next thing i know i was already fainted. Nono drove me to the nearest hospital, we both thought something was wrong with the baby. After registered and the nurse took all my blood pressure and stuff, i was feeling a bit better and calmed down. Nono told me that few beds away is a dead man, suffering from accident and there's this also emergency case in the hospital whereby a guy was fainted due to heart attack. I was so shocked to hear the news, well, i guess my case isn't really a big deal then. I asked Nono to bring me to clinic instead of waiting for our turn to be treated. And alhamdulillah baby and mommy were both safe & sound. The fact that i'm fasting the whole day and break the fast with only maggi, thus my body doesn't get enough nutrients. Hehe.

I really need to consider my food planning starting now. I don't want to be a fat mommy :'(