Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pregnancy 101

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah, i thank Allah for all the blessings i've been received and keep on receiving. Alhamdulillah, for 3 months now, i am pregnant with my first child. Let me take you back to the day i know this exciting news. Me and nono already married for 8 months at that time, and people keep on asking when we are going to have kids and stuff. Oh come on people, its rude to ask that kind of question. Because we can only planning, but Him, the almighty will decides when to give us our precious ones. I keep on wondering whether i am sick or anything, and blaming myself for it. This is the result of people keep on asking, now u know right. But alhamdulillah, Allah knows better. He planned for me to secure job first and after a month of working, i realized that i had missed 2 days of period. My period is never late, i'm fertile like that. Haha. So i decided to see the doctor to check whether or not i'm pregnant.

The doctor asked me, okayy when is my last period. So i answered. He was giving me this look of disbelief. Of course lah, i was only 2 days late and i was already there inside the clinic wanting to check on my pregnancy. Anyhow, he said i have to pee on the stick first. The next thing i know, he called me inside his room and said, congratulations! You're pregnant! While showing off to me my positive pregnancy stick.

At first i dont know how to react, i've been wanting this forever, now that i am actually pregnant it is still unbelievable. But i am really glad and happy for this present from Allah. When i broke the news to Nono, he was so excited!!! He asking me it is for real? Hahaha. Of course its real! How can i lie to him this good news of ours :') both our families were excited upon hearing the news. It was such a bliss to give joy to others. My friends were really supportive and always looked after me. I cannot thanked them enough!

Currently, i am in my 12th weeks of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah. I just went to see the doctor to scan my baby. And finally, i got to see the head, the body and also legs!! Baby was so excited (i think) that he/she jumped more than twice while scanning! Even the doctor surprised herself. Hehe. I pray that my baby will be born perfectly healthy, easy labour, be a great caliph for Allah and good son/daughter to us.

Hopefully everything will be alright throughout this pregnancy. I am enjoying this journey (vomits, craves, emo and sensitive) and i hope all is well :) please do pray for us as well!

The positive sign that i've been waiting for :')

This was taken when the baby was only 3 weeks old. Hehe.

At 6 weeks, 6 days of my pregnancy.

& this is the latest one. 12th weeks of my pregnancy :')

Cannot wait for the next scan! I wish i can buy this ultra sound machine and scan my baby everyday. Should try ask Nono to buy me one of this. Teehee.