Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chicken teppanyaki with sauteed veges


Today i would like to share a very simple recipe in which you guys can make it so quickly! No hustle in the kitchen or what so ever. Me and my family really enjoy teppanyaki especially when we went to KL (read: KLCC). My parents both love salmon teppanyaki, while for the others chicken teppanyaki is already good enough! And so i thought i should learn this teppanyaki recipe, as my husband also enjoy eating it. Plus, i was really craved for it yesterday. While performing solat, my mouth was already salivating in the thought of teppanyaki. Hahaha. I googled up for the recipes but none to my likings. So i decided to just cook it my own way based on what i've seen live before.


Boneless chicken
Sweet soy sauce
Light soy sauce
Black pepper
White pepper
Oil and butter
Salt and sugar

Step 1:
Fry garlic until they all turn brown and toss them out.

Step 2:
Prep chicken with sweet soy sauce, black pepper, white pepper and also salt.

Step 3:
Using the same oil, fry the chicken with addition of butter and pour in some light soy sauce, salt and sugar. Cook thoroughly until all the chicken is cooked. Put it aside and dress with fried garlic.

Step 4:
Still using the same oil, cook cabbage and carrot first. Add generous amount of butter and light soy sauce. Then add in all the taugeh follows by black pepper, white pepper, sugar and salt. Dont cook them for long, enough until the taugeh is cooked.

Done! As easy as 1 2 3! I cooked this recipe for my buka puasa menu, so i couldnt tasted it properly. But alhamdulillah, it turned out great! My husband liked it so much and keep on adding rice on his plate. Hehe. Nothing is more happier for a wife than seeing her husband ate so well :')