Friday, May 23, 2014

Longing for you


Here's the thing. I am already one week away from my 7-months plus husband, since i've started working in KL. The first day i left the house was so much of a drama especially for me. I cried so hard leaving the house & my handsome husband. He gave me a sweet smile and bid me goodbyes. Me on the other hand, started crying again. After few meters separated with each other, i sobbed so hard than i couldnt even drive properly. I gave Nono a phone call to asked for some courage. But i didnt even know, all this while he was faking his smile and laugh just to send me off in a good mood. Upon hearing his voice, i then knew, he was sobbing as well. Awwww, isn't he something? We both knew, this new road won't be easy for both of us. But this is what we have to do, for our future. The first night without Nono was really hard. I was crying out myself on bed under the blanket alone and started to miss him so badly. Eventhough the induction was fun and tiring, my brain always has a room for Nono. Frankly, going through this week was really hard for me especially when it comes to bed time. Up until now, i am still feeling homesick and Nono-sick. I cannot wait to finish this training programme and going back next weekend! For those who has been weekend husband and wife for so long, i salute you guys. I dont really know if i am strong for this, yet. Hopefully, not for long.

P/s: I love you