Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My graduation day!

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Yes, i have officially graduated last year (2013) in October. But because i was so excited with my new married life, i forgot to share with you guys about this. Hahaha. Fyi, i was a student of Petroleum Engineering in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS batch July 2008. I graduated with good results and alhamdulillah my dream came through in which to graduate with CGPA above than 3.5, hehe. So proud to say this now, lol. After studied for 5 years in UTP, i learnt a lot of knowledge be it academically or life lesson. Experienced ups and downs, learning on how to become a better person, i managed to go through them all with support from family and friends. 

The best thing about studying in UTP is my friends. They are the people whom Allah sent to me from heaven. Our first encountered was so magically impossible but we stuck together till the end. I love them so much (and miss them alot) that i can literally kiss them thousands times (if they want to), hahaha. Besides friends, i had great years in UTP learning stuff that i really have interest in. Eventhough my family members showed no interest in engineering field, being the black sheep is not bad at all. Now that my younger sister is pursuing Interior Architecture, i feel mehhh (insert that mehhh emoticon). I am the only child with no artistry progress since my childhood, but Allah knows better what i am good at! And not to be forgotten, thank you PETRONAS for sponsoring (lent me your money) me throughout my years in UTP! I love you!

Alhamdulillah, i have finally got a scroll of degree (which i put inside the file, still) and going to start working very soon. Yes, i finally got a placement in KL. Sad to be far from my husband, but we take this as a life challenge and we'll try to make everything possible for us. In shaa Allah :)

 My team was awarded Vice Chancellor Award for Second Best Team for FDP. Weehoo! Thank you guys!

Special thanks to my whole family for always there to support me whenever i need one. This is for you guys 

& thanks for the flowers too!! They were lovelies and coming from my loved ones, i'm so touched :')


The legendary nasi goreng kambing farouk sithick. Urghh, now i'm craving for it and vanggey too!