Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Assalamualaikum :)

Last weekend, after few weeks of discussion, my husband brought his family and me to Langkawi Island! It has been ages since the last time i was there. New constructions, new buildings and new interesting places to be visited. We were set to travel from Pengkalan Kubor, Kelantan on Friday early morning (Read: 6.30 am). I am a helpless little girl when it comes to waking up too early. Haha. But due to the excitement, i mustered all my courage to wake up and get ready. And as predicted, i was the last one to leave the house, lol.

I told Nono last time, that we should travel by airplane instead of driving, but the fare was so expensive. And Nono told (lied) me, that it will only take 4 hours to reach to Kuala Perlis. Pfftt, it actually took 6 and a half hour to get there and plus 1 hour on the ferry. Hahaha. But whatever, it was a good ride. It was my first time travel the road of Jeli, Gerik, Kedah and also Perlis. The road was uneven and there were loads of ups and downs the hills in which caused my little sister in law, Damia puked in the car. Lol. At first she was all excited looked forward to the hilly-roads, but then she suddenly kept quite and thereee she goes, vomited on her teddy and blanket. Hehe. Poor little girl.

When arrived, we were greet by my father in law nephew, Adi. He's a policeman in Langkawi. He helped to find us good accommodations while we were there and had been a good tourist guide through the 3 days and 2 nights. We went to Dataran Lang, Haji Ismail Group Complex, Cenang Beach, Langkawi Skycab, Underwater World, Pekan Kuah and also Telaga Tujuh.

Everything has been wonderful, except for Telaga Tujuh. I was extremely disappointed when arrived on top of the wells. Not that we only had hurt our legs so badly, but also the scenery of the wells was so poor. Climbing up more than 500 stair steps were just a good exercise, haha.

It was my first time visited Langkawi Skycab, but it was great. The fee was okay, and the view was amazing. Luckily we arrived there early in the morning, so the weather is still so cold and the queue was short. That is a good tip everyone, please bare this in mind. Hehe.

But going on a trip with my new family, make me miss traveling with my family even more. Tsk tsk. Rasa cepat-cepat nak kerja and kumpul duit bawak family pergi jalan-jalan macam ni jugak. Okay okay, no more words. Please enjoy our pictures :)

 Farewell Langkawi Island, see you again in few years time! (If I'm still alive)