Sunday, March 23, 2014

That kind of berries

Last two days, i have been suffering from a very worst diarrhea in my life. I went to toilet, back and forth for countless of times. My stomach couldn't tolerate with my mind anymore. I was crying at night because it was too painful for me to handle. So my dear husband brought me to see doctor cause i just couldn't stop cherries berries. Back from seeing the doctor, i took the medicine in hope that i will feel much better. But no! It turned out to be even worse. While i was trying hard to sleep, my stomach feels like exploding and the pain, is killing me. I couldn't stop crying and crying as if i was going to die that night. That was the first time, i saw a new side of my husband. He rushed off to take some ointment and rubbed against my stomach. Massaged carefully and tried hard to make me stop crying and go back to sleep. He wiped off my tears and looked at me sadly.. I know he felt so kesian at his wife but he doesn't know what else to do. He held my hand tried to put me to sleep and it worked! I was sound asleep until the next morning without anymore cherries berries! I guess, when medicine cannot work, some love can help to make you feel much better. Thanks baby for being the greatest husband that i always wished for. I love youu :)