Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Keep on dreaming

Hello and assalamualikum.

Today, i am a bit under the weather. Not that i'm sick but more like sad and mourning. Since October 2013, i've been officially unemployed for 5 months now. And its truly a heart-breaking thing for me. I dislike being a housewife despite knowing how easy the job is compared to real working routine. But staying at home person, is truly not me. I can bare for few months but having to wait and wait again, it is so dissappointing at one point. I've been offered a job recently, it was a good one but located in Kuala Lumpur. I dont want to have a long distance relationship with my husband. Being married and couple are two different thing. When you're married, you are bound with more responsibilities especially to your husband and also family. For that Allah knows better whats good or bad for me. I had some trouble during the medical check up. The clinic assigned took soooo darn long to process the results and the company said i have to be deferred to the next intake. Another heart-break moment. But i believe that Allah has other plans for me, a place better and much closer to Nono and my family perhaps? In shaa Allah! Amin!

If i were to settle everything by last week, i would probably start working next monday. Earn my own money and working in a field of my dream. But, its okay, its okay ezza. You know you have to let this goes by and be fortunate that you can still sleep besides your husband, haha. I will keep on dreaming and praying for that day to come! Please pray for me as well aite? "ya Allah, may ezza shazana finds a job in kerteh"


Both are well-fed being. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah.