Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just baked by Ezza

Assalamualaikum :)

After so heart broken about placement by Mr P, my husband couldn't stand me whining about how bored i am at home. So we settled down and talked what are the possible things that i can do at home while waiting and waiting for placement. A good friend of mine, ida rashid, reminded me of how much i love to bake back in those years. I have to admit, whenever i baked i will be so happy. It hits me that i should give a try on opening an in-house bakery here in Kerteh. Besides, in Kerteh there are not really many bakery available here. So i said to myself, i have to grab this opportunity. The first problem was, i dont have a proper oven. So last night, my husband bought me a wonderful big nice lovely oven!! Isn't he something? :') thank you baby!

So with that i launched my new ig, named @justbakedbyezza. Please do search this ig and follow! It would be great for me and your eyes! I really hope this is the right thing for me :)

Here is my first product, M&M cookies. You'll love this to bits i tell you. Not gonna lie! This will worth your pennies spend on it and you would want to ask for moree! 1 box of 20 cookies (+-180g) is only RM 10! And this cookies can be post out too, yeayy! To order, please reach me at 0149038125!