Saturday, February 1, 2014

KL trippin'

Hello and assalamualaikum,

Last month my beloved husband & i went to KL for almost 5 days cause he got training to attend to. And as usual, his unemployed wife wouldn't missed this chance to follow. I took this short trip away to KL as a mini honeymoon for us since we haven't get to honeymoon after our wedding day up until today -.- My husband is so busy working finding money to buy more money rather than spend it, LOL. You'll understand this when you guys see the pictures i'll attach later. Hehe. And so, we stayed at PNB Darby Park, KL. PNB Darby Park is very cozy and located strategically in the city. It was very near to Ampang Park LRT station which make easy for the customers to go anywhere, seriously. Plus, the breakfast was quite good, cause i spent 5 days breakfast without missed any. Hahaha. I have to eat breakfast alot since Nono will not be available to accompany me for lunch. Spending 5 days in luxury, i almost forgot our home in Paka. Hahaha. Thank you sayang for always trying hard to fulfill my craves :')

 The tourist

 The grumpy lady

 You + Me = :)

On the first day, we rode on trains to get to Amcorp Mall to see lots of antique stuffs and Nono was also searching money that he collected. I was being left out for several times here cause he was all hyped out shopping for money, LOL. Oh btw, Amcorp Mall only opens to antiques booths on Sunday (All day long!). It was a fun experience, really. To compare between Memory Lane in Ipoh with Amcorp Mall, i much prefer Memory lane cause you can leisurely shopping :)

 Good stuff. I should find a hobby related to these as well so that we can connect even closer!

 They're my new enemy -.- They stole his attention most of the time.

 Spot on, the hyped boy!

These are the pictures on PNB Darby Park. You wont regret coming here, tak tipu.  Most of the time, you'll feel that you're at home enjoying a cup of hot tea by the swimming pool. Cewahh, macam rumah ada swimming pool, hahaha.


 Spot the jakun housewife -.-
 This way to WC, Mister.
 My shy husband

 Those pastries were gooooood!

 They also have games room there. Not only we enjoyed playing pool but also ping pong weh! Of course, i sucked at both. Hahaha.

 Still cannot beat my pool sifu -.-

The most favourite thing i love about KL, is foods! All my cravings were all fixed thanks to my husband. Hehe. Fyi, i'm still not pregnant yet i have all this craves cause i just love to eat everythinggg that's tastes good. 

Went to Tony Roma's to enjoy their delicious ribs and filet mignon!

 This was my very first time eating korean food. This is called bbimmbap or something like that. Haha. Went to Kung Jung Restaurant, near the PNB Darby Park area to taste this wonderful meal. Plus, they served halal foods. Seriously sedap gila, ni rasa nk makan lagii ni. Hehe.

 With every meal you ordered, they will served you with overload number of side dishes! I thought i was in heaven of foods that day. Hehe.

 Having breakfast alone was not so fun anymore. So i invited my girlfriend, Hamidah to accompany me. Hey the pretty working lady, thank you for your time. I love youuu! :')

 Am i look to childish or she's just too matured now? Haha.

& with that, i'm signing off now. My husband already making his annoying face cause i didnt help him with packing the stuff. Oh yeah, we're moving out today cause the owner wanted his house back. So blah-blah-blah, we have downgrade from semi-D house to terrace now with increment in rent fees. Blergh, kerteh kerteh. See you KL, in 3 weeks. Kah Kah Kah! :D