Monday, February 24, 2014

Hectic weeks

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

I have finally settled down into my new house here in Kerteh. Fuhh, i really hate the whole process of searching new house and also moving out. Almost one month now we've been into this house. Quite okay with the environment and all but you know lah when you rent nothing can be up to your standard. Can't wait to own a house on our own very soon. Hopefully! In shaa Allah :) 

Last 2 weeks were so hectic, like seriously! Nono and I were barely slept on our own bed cause we spent almost 4 days at Kelantan for my brother in law engagement day and after one day at our home, we rushed off to KL cause Nono had training to attend to. This time we stayed at Grand Millennium Hotel at Bukit Bintang which located next to Pavilion. Such a good hotel at a amazing location. As a good wife, I went along with the flow without any expectation but as always, things went well and fun for me each day. And my husband, he's just so wonderful :') I love you baby. 

So that's it i guess. Hahaha. Please enjoy these pictures of ours :)

If you go to Kelantan, you must try this famous roti titab at Kopitiam Kita, Kota Bharu. So delicious!

Part of my in laws. Amni, Ma and also Princess Damia :)

We (Read: Amni and Ezza) did these ourselves yo! Hehe.

I couldn't find anymore decent picture of my husband. So not photogenic, he's also the one who ruined my wedding pictures. Hahaha. Btw, congratulations to Asyraf and Mira!

Breakfast like a king they said.

My sister, Arina came by to dine with us one the first and second day. Thank you for coming Along :D I look fat, yeah, but whatever, i'm already married anyway. Lol.

The interior of this hotel is spectacular!

On a good day, i wrote letter to my husband. To tell how wonderful he is :')

Realized that i gained so much weight lately, i forced myself to exercise more. Hence these two pictures.

And i eat again, hahahaha.

Signing off now! Please pray for my career luck by the way! :)