Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sick Shoes

I hate myself, really. I have no idea how many days or months do i have to wait for Mr P to find me a placement but as days go by, i find myself broke with a lot of cravings and wills. Thanks to my wonderful 3-months husband, Nono always trying his best to provide me with everything i asked for (After sulking and whining of course). Hehe. I just bought myself a pair of modern baju kurung! It's so lovely and nice and would've been perfect if i lost some of my tummy fats, hahaha. But whatever, i will try to look nice in everything i wear, lol. Decided to wear it for important occasions later on :D

So enough with baju kurung, now i have this syndrome of wanting new shoes pulak! My two favourite sandals just torn off and now i have no other option besides wearing my thick platform slipper (Which humiliated me few days ago by the road when i fell on the tar, that darn feelings, pffft). And all my wedges were not to my liking anymore.. & I don't think it's appropriate to walk at pasar malam or supermarket here in Paka wearing those wedges. 

I really wish i have money to buy new shoes (simple wedges or platform shoes or maybe heels! hehehe) I really love heels but i never own one because i cannot find one heels that comfortable enough for me to wear for longer period. Usually they failed me on the first try, hahaha. I wonder how people can bare wearing those heels while shopping and stuff. So much respect for them, really. 

So here are some of the shoes that i've been eyeing for:

1) Zucca wedges

Recently i went to one of Zucca outlet at Berjaya Times Square and found this one amazingly comfortable wedges that i would like to take home that instant. It was so pretty in green! After i saw the price, ermm okay. I shall have some patient and wait for it to fall on sale first. Hehe. That was the first time ever i heard of the brand, but the price was quite expensive (especially to an unemployed person like me)

2) Zucca sandal

I have always been a fan of sandals. I usually bought mine from forever twenty one because they always have the comfiest sandal and very affordable. Even when they torn off, you will not really feel sad as u can buy a new one, so yeay! Hehe.  I would like to find like this Zucca sandal! The colour is so cheerful and it has some height to it, so double love to it! Hopefully it is still in store when i go to KL soon.

3) Shoeblitz wedges

I have always wanted this kind of wedges, seriouslyyy! But i know my feet better. I can never stand longer than an hour wearing this kind of shoes. Once i wore a wedges from Charles and Keith & went out dating with Nono, after two floors i already stop shopping and crying in pain, hahaha. So kind of him to bought me a new flip flop to wear right at that moment :') Then the shopping spree continues, lol.

4) Nelissa Hilman flats

Gahh! Isn't she beautiful?! I can imagine myself in that shoes already. Blame vivy yusof for this. She has spoil me with so much wonders in fashion sense. Eventhough its quite pricey, but i certainly understand because of its quality and specially design by Nelissa Hilman.

And now, my hope is for Nono to read this very special entry dedicated to him. Hahahaha. I should make excuse for him to open it. (If you ever read this, i love you baby!)