Saturday, December 7, 2013

Little Kitten

I have never like cats or kittens until i met.. Keydate. Reasons why i don't like cat species : 

a. I dislike any sort of animals
b. I dont like clingy things
c. I'm afraid it might hurt me with the claws and sharp teeth
d. Last but not least, geli dengan bulu dia.

HAHAHAHAHAHA - i'm laughing at myself for being silly, lol. For the time being, the only cat i can around is Keydate. Oh, excuse me for not introducing who she really is. 

Meet Keydate. Nono gave her this name cause its something related to his hobby of collecting old coins and bank notes. I know, he's being so ridiculous right? Bahaha. But i can totally get use to it. How we met? As we were u-turn-ing there she is in the middle of the road and rain. I thought Nono couldn't see that she was there, so i shouted to him. He said that he saw it and open the car's door. 

Oh oh, no no, Nono. He wanted to pick up that little kitten and put it inside the car. I shouted even more crazily, hahaha. Obviously lah, sb cuak kot. He ignored me and put that poor wet kitten at back of the car. When we arrived home, he showered Keydate and I gv her raw minced fish to eat. She ate like there's no tomorrow and slept for hours! Couldn't be more happier to save an animal which our Rasulullah S.A.W loved.

We still haven't decided to keep her or not, as both of us are noob at petting cat. *Big Sigh*