Friday, December 27, 2013

Evening walk

Ever since i was (am) unemployed, i have been pampering myself everyday. Even when i do the slightest house chores, i feel like dying because i was really tired (of doing nothing). So i asked Nono to accompany me to jog around the housing area (apparently, we were just walking around surveying houses) perhaps i could lose some weight. & thankfully, he said yes! So basically i was so enthusiastic taking pictures while walking whilst him making faces when i asked him to take good picture of mine. Blerghh, typical guys.

When i started to nag, he said,

"There's a birthday girl who wants to cut her cake while surrounded by good friends and family who singing but instead of paying attention to the birthday girl, they all busy taking pictures and videos of her. U see, what's the fun to that?"

The i replied while sulking,

"I just want to keep the good memories in pictures"

He turned and said,

"Okay, now pose"

Then i gave him this pose. Hahahaha


But he still helped to capture my pictures, hehe. Isn't he sweet?! But seriously, on the other hand, I know he was right about it (well, he's always right). So its something for all of us to ponder tonight ;)

No, i'm not fat! It was the cameraman fault after all, LOL.