Saturday, November 16, 2013

My dream wedding

Was actually happened last October 5th with the love of my life, Mohd Norshahrul Hafizi. In this blog, i'll be addressing him as Nono as that is the nickname that he has use since his highschool years and i am much comfortable with that than daring names like honey boo or else, hehe.

The journey to our wedding was all being ease by Allah S.W.T. We've known each other for 4 years plus before we decided to get married. There's this one night, he called me up and said, let's get married? I was so shocked, why so sudden kan? This happened when i'm still undergoing my internship. So I secretly passed the news to my mom, to see what her reaction would be. And as expected, she spreads the news so quickly to family and friends before i can even discuss it properly with the whole family, haha. And daddy asked Nono to come to our house if his really mean his words to marry me. And so, my brave hero came our house and lay out his emotion of loving me and want me to be his wife, ecewah, hahaha. 

The next thing i know, Nono brought his family to Kuantan and asked for my hand (Merisik). I couldn't be more happier, i tell you! But daddy couldn't approve us to get married while i'm still studying as he wanted me to focus to get a scroll of degree first and both of us respected my dad's decision.

Few months later, we decided to combine engagement day and akad nikah on the same day as reception. To cut budget and make things even simpler. My family decided to hold the wedding on 5th of October 2013 and Nono's family will have theirs on 12th of October 2013. And so, everything was slowly in progress. My gratitute goes to my family and friends for all the help and sacrifices that they had done just for my sake, i owe you all alot! And i dont know if i can ever repay but just know that you guys will always have in my doa's!

Birthday bash and Bridal Shower from my lovely coursemates

My wedding card design by my eldest sister, Arina.

So my big day has finally arrived. The feelings? Hmmm, it was indescribable. I was feeling happy, anxious, nervous, excited and everything lah. Hahaha. But while getting ready, i still had to convince myself that this is actually happening, OMG OMG. Walking down the road to the mosque near Dewan Kastam, my emotions were all mixed up. Upon entering the mosque, i saw him so handsomely sitting in front of the tok kadi, my nervous all melt down. The next thing i know, it was all done and i cried a little when i was officially becoming a wife to Nono. (To be honest, i was crying alot during the ceremony because of the fake eyelashes! So darn painful, hehe). And everything else came into places after the akad nikah :)

Alhamdulillah, everything went so smoothly from A to Z and i couldn't even saw my parents as they were too busy attending people. Ya Allah, for my wedding ceremony to be this wonderful, i thank you for making everything at ease. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. Last but not least, here in my blog, i premier all of my wedding photos just for you guys! :)

Abang, jangan pergi....

Baiklah! Lol.

Alhamdulillah everything went well. We want to thank everyone for all the help, the doa, the good wishes and the willingness to attend our kenduri in Kuantan. We feel so blessed for all the great things happened! I still can't believe that i'm someone's wife, hehe :)

Will update soon for majlis bertandang pulak. Promise!