Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time in Life

There's always time for happiness and sadness in life whether we realize it or not. As what i've heard in mini tazkirah during tarawih, she mentioned that even Islam has overcome great things and downfall in Ramadhan. Then she asked in general, what would you like this Ramadhan be for you?

Well, I always want to pray for good things to happen but there this one thing i cannot get rid off since i have it thinking inside my mind. It is very distracting and honestly, i really hate. I cannot tell you guys here cause its too private. But i need a space to express this feeling of sadness and writing here probably the best solution.

Frankly, i've been holding this feeling too long. I am not angry but i'm sad, really sad. Maybe a little frustrated and disappointed too. Hoping that everything will turn out fine in the end, or i might just have to give up.