Saturday, May 25, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

We often meet people in life. Some became friends, some became enemies and few became our truly best friends. I think through out my journey in life of 23 years, i have experienced all sort of people. (Oh yes, i am now officially twenty three years old. How's that sound? Errrr, not bad i guess. Turning one year older, i hope i'll become one year wiser, in shaa Allah).

So back to the story, when i first walked into utp, i really dont know who to be friends with. But Allah is great, He planned our meeting in the most unbelievable way. And whenever we thought about it, it makes we appreciate the journey of friendships more. I was always a snob to everyone, hahaha. I have a trust issue to begin with. Until i get to know them deeply and feel their sincerity, then only i can be closer to them. Well, thats who i am. 

But as time goes by, i've learnt a lot. In this depressing world, we tend to become a fake friend. And u guys know it better right? 

But i thank Allah for all the good friends that He gave to me. I am more than blessed!