Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm tired

Yes, i have to admit it. I am very tired of getting myself pretty and slim. No matter how much i tried to, the law of nature just dont seem to allow me to change. I have been having acnes since i was 13 years old. Imagine that. I have to endure it until today. I have tried hundreds of skincare brands, literally. But none of it was ever good to my sensitive skin face. Except for one, dermalogica. But i pity my mom who had to supply me with those expensive skincare, thus i quitted. Gahhh, i wish i have a lot of money. Hahaha.

Today, i look up to a mirror and see my bare face. What else can i do.... I had thought before, maybe without apply anything on face, it will getting better. But nahhh, even worse i tell u. My face has this complicated issue combining- blemishes, acnes, scars, sensitive and oily. I can never find a good product for it :'(

And whenever i'm on my period, it gets even worse. Can i just hate myself already :'(
Added to my face problem, i'm fat. I mean really fat for my type of body and at this age of mine. Sheesh. Nothing goes well for me :'( i'm getting married very soon, but i am so not ready because of my face and figure.

Can someone sends me a genie....and let me do wishes. I'm so tired already.....