Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying to be pretty

I am so excited for march to come. Because on this 13th of march, Nono and i will celebrate our 4th year anniversary! For me, this is the longest relationship i've been through in life. I was really looking forward to it that i started planning to collect our pictures together this early. Hahaha. As i scrolling to see our old pictures, i realized how lucky i am to have Nono in my life. He's so perfect to my eyes and i believe he can complete me in any ways i lack of.

Then, I asked him to call me just to say how lucky i am and how handsome he was back then. 

"You're so handsome lah dulu2! But now, your face dh bulat."

He sighed and replied, "you're not getting any prettier too".

Speechless me is speechless. I quickly grab sasa plastic bag and search for my cure.
I believe by placing this onto my face, i will get pretty. At least for tonight! LOL.