Thursday, February 21, 2013

strictly no rice

Salam and good day people,

i have an issue that i would like to share with you guys. After returning from my 7 months internship, i brought along fats with me back home. i didnt realize i was so FAT until i did my first trying on wedding dresses. Gosh, i barely fit in those pretty dresses. i am very pathetic. So i promised to myself, that i will cut down some weights before my big day.

and so, coming back to utp has not changing me at all. i keep on craving for alot of foods since i havent get to eat them for quite sometimes. i told myself that early semesters will have exceptions. but this continues until my sixth weeks in utp. Shit! i totally forgot about the diet thingy. (because i weighed myself at the clinic and i have to repent now! i am so obese right now *drama*)

this had me thinking.... how should i start my dieting program? i heard alot from people saying that if you stop eating rice it will help to cut down some weights. So i made a rule for myself, STRICTLY NO RICE. i really hope, by suffering myself like this i can have my ideal weight back (or even more skinnier!).

i need to remind myself constantly that, i dont want my future husband to be surprise knowing that his wife is actually fat inside :'(