Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inspiration vs rivalry

Hello and salam people :)

Good day and Salam Ramadhan to all. I dont know if there's anybody who would like to read my blog anymore since i rarely update it. Busy lah youuu, hahaha. 

About the topic today, i dedicated this post to my dearest sister, Izzaty Arina :)

She has been an inspiration to me since my forever and she is also my rival at the same time. We spent most of our childhood together. After UPSR, she always wanted to go to MRSM. Well, she's smart and getting into MRSM is not really a matter for her. While me? i don't really plan for my future. Thus, following her dreams is a very good option. I don't why. Maybe i feel convinced with her planning for herself. & so I studied and finally managed to enter MRSM kuantan for my upper form years. She always score BIG for any examinations and yes, i have to do to. Because i really want to be on the same page with her. Being to UTP was also because of her. I scored my exams was also because of her. Giving one another a challenge is definitely us. 

I always take her as my example because i know her last name is PERFECTION. Thank you for be my inspiration for all this while and yes you will continue to be one.

Congratulations for getting your new awesome job as an architect Als :D Do well as always. Me loves youuu!