Monday, May 28, 2012

Sydney baby !

Hello and salam people :)

This is my 300th posts . Hahaha . I knw , i write alot . But recently i decided to lay low and just be content w/ life . So here is my new update . Yeayyy ! Hehehe . On the last 19th May , me and a good friend of mine , ida went to SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA . Perlu dia capitalized kann okay since i dont usually get to go overseas . Hehehe . It was amazing and legendary and beyond !

We decided to go on this pre-internship vacation when air asia made their promotion to new opening in australia . When we found out about it , we quickly purchased the fare tickets and spent rm600 for back and forth per person . In which i think , very cheap !! Lgpun , duit scholar baru masuk time tuu . Hahaha .

Luckily ida got a friend who is studying in sydney . Alhamdulillah we got OPAH :D Upon our arrival at the airport , we jumped on a bus 400 which directly go to UNSW where opah is studying . The fare cost us AUD 4.5 per person . Then , we spent about 30 mins looking for opah's house . Sumpah sesat barat . Keep on asking people and they were kind to lead us the way . Finally jumpaaa opah ! She was great . Seriously . Siap buat kan breakfast lg and comforting us . Feels like home ! And housemate dia pun semua awesome . Izzah , Farrah , Elyna , Nadiah and Amnah !

First day :

We reached sydney in the morning and its WINTER TIME in sydney! Sejuk gilosss . So after solat semua , me and ida decided to spend the day in the city . We rode a bus 393 using 'tenth by bus 2' card which cost us AUD 28 per card. To save budget, we decided to share :D Sumpah senang system bus dia . No headache at all .

Sampai je kat city , we were jumping like kids because we finally get to see Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House !!! Hahaha . Sumpah cantik :') But at that time , Opera House was under maintenance . But still , it was unbelievably beautiful !

 We had dinner w/ opah and friends at It's time for Thai ! Hehe . What a blast !

Second day :

On the second day , we went to Featherdale Zoo w/ Sue Ray and her friend, Ayie . Sue ray is a friend of opah and she was kind enough to bring us to the 50 km zoo from UNSW . Thank you very much dear for yr time and effort :')

Featherdale Zoo was super amazing !! It will only cost you AUD 19 tak silap sb dpt student rate . I got to see koala and kangaroo and wombat . Aaaaaaa , awesomeee ! All kangaroos were not caged . They will hop around the area and we got to feed them . So cute , seriously . Tapi awal2 tu , sumpah tak berani nk bg dia makan . Takut sgt . Hahaha . But then , i learnt from little kids how to fed them . LOLS . What a great experience ! Ida mcm nk bg , tp takut sgt . Hehehe . You guys should see her epic screaming face . Hahaha , sumpah lawak :P

Then we went back to solat and rest a bit . After that , off to the city to go to Madame Tussauds Sydney . When we got there , we found out that it was just being operated for one month :D Ala ala perasmi lah we all ni tau . Hahaha . But the entrance fee was expensive :( AUD 35 . I mean after convert like almost 100 plus just to see wax figured . Hehehe . But , wth , alang2 dh smpi tuu , ktorg masuk lah jgk . AWESOMEEE YAWW !


 hotness level : 3 . Mine was 5 . Gila pedassss .

 Had dinner at Shalom w/ opah :)

EASY WAY ! yam flavor was so yummy !

Third day :

We had to rush out on every places ! We planned things out so that we will save time before dark .

UNSW - bondi beach - hyde park - QVB - Paddy's market - Lakemba 

Gilaaaa hectic . Hahahaha . Rode on several buses and managed to settle things out before its dark . YEEHAAA ! 


Been to Sydney was a great experience . I will never forget it . Thank you ida for the whole trip ! Me loves youu :D And not to forget Opah and the friends , thank you for letting us stay for free . Hehehe . Appreciate it muchos :')

Favourite picture of us :)