Monday, May 14, 2012

petroleum engineering batch july 2008 dinner

HAAAAA amik kau . Tajuk tak boleh panjang lagi kee ?

Oh yups , still alive baby . Alhamdulillah :) But so busy lah w/ life recently . Smpi terpaksa deactivate semua bagai . Poyossss , i know . But its great to take a break sometime in a while from this virtual untrue world . Tapiii , the addiction is very hard to get rid off . So , tadaaaa , i'm here . AGAIN !

Last month , right after my last paper for test 2 finished , me and friends headed to Hillcity Hotel in Gopeng for PE internship dinner . The one and only dinner that my course had organize . Hahaha . But thanks alot to the organization team for make this event happening . Me loves you guyss !

I wont talk alot anymore . Please do enjoy our pictures during the dinner ;)

P/s : I won the best dress award for girls that night and nasir the guy in pink shirt tuu won for boys. Hahaha . Thank youuu for voting for me guyss ! Appreciate it muchos and sorry because korg kena dgr suara sumbang i . Zzzzzzz .