Friday, March 23, 2012

searching life

i still have a long way to go in life . i mean , until death comes and fetch . but for now , i am still wondering the purpose of living life . why this opportunity was given to me and how should i lead my life . 

first , i cannot regard the fact that it has to do with my own religion . where this world is not permanent and only a test for the world after life . i truly believe in it and also Allah S.W.T . 

but somehow , i am still searching for other purposes of it . we was born and filled w/ knowledge since our childhood . we have family and make new friends each time we moved and traveled . we fill our daily life w/ eating , studying / working , internet and sometimes sport . is that all that we should achieve in our life ? seems useless if we had to live 100 years but the time we spent everyday is not worth our lifetime . 

i have many things i want to accomplish in life . i want to be someone , not only success in what i do but also enjoy it . i dont want to waste my life doing things i dont want to do . i want to travel alot , make alot of friends , talk to strangers and learn other people culture with the people i love by my side , who will always support me in everything i do . 

i know , you would say this is typical . but this is what i want to achieve in life . i just want to be happy . 

if you were to ask me why i want to be happy ? i would be answering :

why not ?

i dont want to wake up one morning , and realize it was too late to change . i want life to be exactly how i plan it to be , if Allah wills .