Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hello & salam people :D

Well , well . I'm having a blast this few days . Of course after two headache tests lah . On friday evening , my girlfriends & i went to ipoh to buy some stuff and also window shopping . Lama tak hang out macam ni , i really miss doing great stuff w/ them . Honestly . To ends the day , we watched bunohan instead of the lorax , because the timing for lorax was very late . Bunohan ? Okay lah , but i really didn't get the idea . Samar-samar gitu , hahaha .

Then , yesterday , ida & i spent our day with swimming and fishing . Finally , swimming pool utp dh siap from maintenance and siap ada surveillance camera . Teruk lah utp ni , everywhere also wanna put cameras . Takde privacy langsung . Seriously , they have to think more than just take actions . Swimming almost to noon , panas gilos . Sunburn baby .

On the evening , me and ida went to this awesome place that cannot be named . Hahaha . But sumpah , best gila pancing situ . Funny story , i was about to teach ida how to reel , then suddenly the rod became heavier , the next thing i know , i caught a big fish in less than 5 minutes . Hahaha . Unfortunately , i was too panic that moment & placed the most energetic fish near to the water . Of course lah dia lari , cissssssss .

At the end , we brought 5 fishes back . Couldn't be more satisfied ! Siap siang lagi , tangan bau ikan . 

all pictures were taken from my bb's camera . Teruk gila quality , hmm .