Sunday, February 5, 2012

the weekend

hello & salam people :)

still alive , alhamdulillah . actually , i'm still on holidays , but i decided not to go back to my hometown . so soon i thought . but now , i pretty much got nothing to do other than dozing off and wasting my time , LOL . luckily all my friends are here as well .

so last friday , we celebrated nadia's november birthday and mila's december birthday in kfc taman maju . i know lame kan ? hahaha . supposedly we planned to make a picnic party by utp lake , but somehow we were worried about the weather . to be safe , we just make a huge surprise planning for em' and it was so freaking funny ! hahaha . i had to kantoi kan our surprise , zzzzzzzzz . but on top of all , we did have a great time together :D 

the next day , we went off to ipoh for 12 hours ! gila tak ? gila , gila . hahaha . we went to JJ , Padang Polo ,  Taman Jepun and also IP . perghhh , awesome dayyy ! the main purpose we went there was to redeem our book vouchers . but i really don't know what to buy , especially books ! LOL . it has been years , since i read good book . it will wasteful to spend the money on books for me lah , so i bought mostly stationery and crayons for the boys :P hehe .

p/s : i still have rm100 vouchers to spend , -.-'

this is actually my first time to padang polo , the environment is quite peaceful . we ate cendol , and as for me , i chose cendol pulut . okay lah , but still cannot beat my Mr. Cendol , ngehehe :P

at ipoh parade , i finally bought my backpack :D yeayyy ! i've been meaning to own one since i dont remember when . the price was quite cheap , cause i've surveyed in lotsa places , from blogshop to real stores . i am really satisfied w/ this one :D then , we went for karaoke . i cannot remember the last time i break free and just sang my lungs out . & of course , kalau lagu ella tu , confirm pecah suara . hahaha .

had late dinner at rusna for their delicious tom yam and off back to utp . what a dayyy ! thank you girls :D

 & i bought this too :')