Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something better

Hello & salam people

Sorry for not updating . Sometimes i wish to shut this blog , because of common reasons and most importantly because i malas nk update . LOL . This past few days , i keep on ponder about this one issue . 

hmm , how can i put this . you see , i'm already twenty one going twenty two . for me , that is the age of maturity . for some reasons , i still think i'm living my teenage life . which i freaking want to ! but face it lah , i'm too old to worry about people , feelings , chocolates , boyfriend and flowers . at this stage of life , i want something concrete . i want my future to be perfect , not because of other people but because i want to do it . i want to enjoy doing something i like . let say , i like baking . doesn't mean i want to end up to be a baker . why did i chose to study PE in the first place if i want myself to be baker ? i want to achieve my dream first before i can settle down with life . i want a solid future for myself and my family . i'm just like other people , who wants to work hard and achieved something in life , equally .

this is something wonder to ponder :

"I want to be 'better' and not be the 'best' because 'better' shows improvements and motivates me to go further. Nobody is perfect and nothing is made perfect. And that includes me." (Kan Wai Choong , 2011)