Thursday, February 2, 2012


Mister Potato , Kar-shing is back :D hahaha , takde kaitan . how was my first week of studying ? fine lah , but most of the time , i tend to be so unavoidably sleepy . unless , i jot down notes . we need to settle down with internship issue this semester , besar dah rasa . i can't believe that i'm graduating next yr ! insya Allah , insya Allah . it seems like i'm still a baby , okay tipu . 

before i went back to utp last time , my family and i had a 3 days 2 nights at pulau pangkor . though it kinda embarrassing to bring them there since the undersea is pretty much clogged and no varieties of fishes , we still had a wonderful time together ! please the next stop be tioman . cause my sister can't bragged enough about Tioman Island . Urghh . Sabah's islands pun best jugak padahal , hahaha . no pictures will be provided  from this vacation , biarlah rahsia :P

these stuff are also not related to the topic i talked above . well , you know i crap alot , don't you ? 

 Kar-shinggggg . i bought this when it was on sale from parkson . LOVE IT !

Kar-shinggggg . mommy bought this for me at ze airport :D

imma going to redeem my book voucher soon , i need a solid planning so that i will not regret a bit when it was already used . LOL