Sunday, January 15, 2012

top 5 on my shopping list

in my wildest dream . hahaha . before i proceed , do you like my new background and fonts for the titles . yes ? no ? well , i don't care if you like it or not . cause i doooo , i doooo , i doooo , uuuuu :P penat i edit tau , appreciate sikit . a round of applause , YEAHHH . okay , cut the crap .

well , i am not a person , who likes shopping till i drop and dead . but , i love to shop when i need to find that something . and i don't shop exceed my limit . errrr , not everytime . i buy when there's necessity to have one . eh ? tak baik tipu . well , lust got me in a way . eh , tipu lagi . yes , in many way . by the way , to YOU , yes YOU . this is not a hint tau . i saja-saja buat untuk semangat nk simpan duit . hahaha . if you find it as a hint , scroll until the end of the page ye ? :P

5. nine west oxford shoes with a heels ! click here for more .

it is so sexy and flexible to be match with jeans or any formal attire . drooling .

4. versace's gold watch . click here for more .

this is very nice and chic and elegant at the same time . oh , i really love gold . i mean gold colour :P the most expensive watch i hv now is dkny's . i have three dkny watches . thanks to my mom . and i have one , in gold colour . really love it ! 

3. marc jacob's handbag . click here for more .

this is what i call , love at the first sight . multifunction ! i can certainly travel with this handbag :D i don't usually bring any bag to travel . cause i like something that cling to my body perfectly . you know , for safety 

2. jimmy choo's purse . click here for more .

this is insanely cuteeee . i love it , i love it ! for a purse , i usually prefer black . since i love to tag along my purse w/o handbag when i go to eat or shopping nearby , i don't want it to be dirty and leave stain . black is a safe colour for someone clumsy like me . hehe .

1. j.lo's live perfume . click here for more .

i've used it before . then i change to burberry . and now , i want this back . so badly ! the sweetness of the smell , is so LIVE . cewahhh . hahaha . but yes , this deserves to be on top of my list . 

so , that's all people . start looking for what you want and aim for it . not to forget , work your ass to get it . hahaha :D