Tuesday, January 24, 2012


hello and salam beautiful people :)

sorry for the silent . too much things happened around me , yet i don't know how to start . haven't baking for quite some time now . slow down on internet addiction . and deactivated my facebook account . yeah , if you ever notice lah .

last saturday , met my dearest best friend , atul at megamall . chit chatting , getting new info about each other's life . while going out w/ her , i've learnt a very valuable lesson . which is not to expect anything from people , cause you'll surprise how things would ends up . we rarely meet each other , once a year , yes . you know , when you haven't meet someone that long , you always stuck on words and awkward moments happen everytime . that's why i say to myself , let things happen in a way it should be . and boom , for us , things going on smoothly and we're so happy to meet each other :) i'm glad we are still good friend :)

mom and dad are not home until tomorrow . they went to pekan baru , indonesia for my daddy's golf tournament . actually , i should call it as their honeymoon too . since they went there together w/o us . i don't really mind that , as long as they're happy together . all my sibs are in the house , practically taking care of each other . went to the beach on sunday's evening w/ amir and yui . we caught some big crabs and dead fishes too . yeayyy , hahaha .

and that night , when we all settle down inside my parent's room , we watched masterchef junior from australia making beautiful dessert w/ chocolate . drooling much ? yes , of course . so i went to the kitchen and start making 5 mins hedgehog slice . and surprisingly , the chocolate was still hot when all the cookies were finished :P

yesterday , we went to east coast mall for a movie . we watched journey 2 : the mysterious island (3D) . kena tulis 3D , sebab mahal gila tickets . heh . honestly , to me , the movie is not as adventurous as the title is . but okay lah , especially for kids yang first time tengok 3D movie . hehe , so cute amir and yui . dinner at johnny's and went straight back home :)

this evening , i took my little sibs to swim at the royal club house . the facilities have been better since my last time visiting that place :) we had such a wonderful time there . amir and yui managed to swim all across the pool . i'm a proud coach . hahahaha . had dinner at sara thai kitchen and went back home :)

well , nothing much from me . but yes , i'm still alive and breathing . alhamdulillah :)

p/s : my bb's camera has back to normal :D i don't think i need a new phone until this one has worn out ! all these pictures was taken using my bb's phone . couldn't be more happier than this :D hehe .

pp/s : i found this inside a child dictionary . poor kid .

sucker ? :P