Friday, January 13, 2012

married life

you guys should read this :

i couldn't agree more w/ her opinion . when you're married , you have the responsibility to your husband , family and also to yourselves . by telling people about your house or relationship problem , will not fix a thing . thus , make it even worse . besides , you're married . hence , doing that will also affect people impression on you .

being in a relationship and married is a huge gap . not everything you want to let other people know and not everything people want to know about you .

when i'm married soon , i really should slow down or even deactivate fb and twitter acc . somehow , i think these social network always lead people to divorce . freakyyy .

p/s : i nak kahwin nnt , a big no no is a karaoke w/ dj corner .  pasang nasyid lagi bagus . eh tiba-tiba :P