Monday, January 2, 2012

First January of 2012

hello & salam people :)

yesterday , 010112 was my daddy's 49th birthday :D tak sangka dah forty nine , handsome and muda lagi . hehehe . ktorg mg tak plan apa-apa pun actually . along kata nak bagi ipad2 , seems like out of budget to me . nak beli watches or perfumes , he already has plenty of em' . we couldn't decide what to give . huhe . so , ktorg just set up a dinner at secret recipe :) we arrived before em' so that we can buy some time to decorate the cake . 

we can see his surprised face when he saw the cake . terharuu kan abah ? :P hehe . sorry lah , secret recipe ye yang mampu skrg . maybe bila ktorg dh kje , ktorg belanja dinner and bagi gift ! ye ? hehehe .

may Allah bless you always 
we love you