Friday, January 6, 2012

almost rainbow cake with peanut crackers cheese frosting

hello & salam gorgeous people :)

yesterday , after few days of catching up with 90210 season 3 and 4 , i finally decided to bake a cake . because i miss bakingggg so much . besides , mommy said its alright for me to bake but do not put too much sugar and i should eat the least . sounds like okay to me , so i start baking one .

i have a goal before i'm leaving home for utp . which is to bake rainbow cake and ice cream cake . hehe . since i don't have ice cream at home , i made rainbow cake first :) 

it wasn't actually rainbow , since it only consists 3 different colour of layers :P but , almost there . and i thought , if i buy all the 7 colours , it will be wasted . but it's up to you to decide . really . hehe .

here are the ingredients needed :

cake :

1 1/4 oil
4 eggs
120 gm of castor sugar
120 gm of brown sugar
250 gm of flour
1 butter
1 spoonful of vanilla essence
food colouring . in this recipe , i'm using 3 different colours : red , yellow and green :)


10 cookies of peanut crackers or digestive biscuits
cream cheese
1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 butter
vanilla essence 

optional : whipping cream . which i'm using in this recipe :)

 the ingredients needed :)

 the cake mixture need to be distributed into 3 different cup 

 looks like ice cream kan ? :P

 the ingredients to make the frosting :)

my almost rainbow cake with peanut crackers cheese frosting :)