Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tapai pudding

yesterday , i helped my mom making tapai pudding . a very delicious dessert that all of my family members love to have . it is very suitable to be serve chilled and with drops of fruit cocktails . HEAVEN i tell youuu !

but i cannot cope with my mom cooking speed . she's the masterchef's master . so , i dont really know whether the recipe i'm about to share is complete or else . hehe . but , as i put up pictures of the ingredients , i'll explain what i've seen my mom doing with it , okay ?

maybe , when i'm already mastering this recipe , i will tell you guys in details :)

 two packets of tapai

 marsh them with you hands and get rid of the unwanted substance . hahaha .

 about 5 helai of daun pandan .

blended with a little amount of water

 beat about 7 to 8 eggs lightly

 mix the tapai with air pandan ( which you need to filter first ! )

then , mix them with eggs mixture

then place all the mixture inside a loyang , then steam for about 45 minutes .

now , let's proceed with the creamy dressing

 pour in an amount of sugar . 

 some water

 cut into small pieces , one helai of daun pandan

 mix hot water with tepung jagung , and then pour into the dressing mixture to thicken it .

pudding tapai :D

 fruit cocktails :D

and lastly , enjoy it . HEAVEN GILA .