Friday, December 9, 2011

spaghetti bolognese

Hello and salam people :)

Sorry for no updates recently . frankly , i haven't cook or bake for some time , just helping my mom kat dapur adalah . this morning , mommy asked me to cook spaghetti for my little sibs , so i say why not . since i'm making it by myself , i'm going to share my version of spaghetti bolognese with you guys :)

ingredients :

1 packet of spaghetti
1 can of prego (tomato flavor)
1 can of water
mixed herbs
one pack minced beef
8 sausages
2-3 large onion
3 garlic
2 fresh tomatoes
4 cili padi
1 senduk of chilli sauce
and a bit pepper

first , you need to wash minced beef carefully , so that it wont smell badly . i use limau nipis to wash them . leave aside , and start to mix onions , garlic , cili padi and tomatoes inside a blender WITHOUT adding water , since tomatoes are already juicy . no need to blend it too long :)

 sausages . if you use traditional tomato prego flavor , you might want to add mushrooms as well :)

 onions , garlic , tomatoes and chillies

 i'm using mushroom , tomato flavor .

 the clean minced beef then will be cook until all the water has been evaporated .

 WITHOUT adding oil , pour in the blender mix and saute em' until they are totally dry and smell delicious .

 pour in prego , satu senduk chilli sauce , pepper , salt , sugar and mixed herbs ! and lastly , sausages .

 start cooking spaghetti with water and a little drips of oil 

 let it cook for awhile . 

 to make sure that the spaghetti is ready , take one of it , and throw it upon the wall . if its stick to the wall , means the spaghetti is already cooked perfectly :)

 bolognese sauce

 ready to be serve !

 spaghetti bolognese :)

signing off now , BURP !