Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singapore Trip !

hello and salam people :)

sorry for no updates recently . i just came back from SINGAPORE yaww . hehehe . this trip was a sudden plan between me and a good friend of mine , hamidah . somehow , we find difficulties along the way handling this trip . but Alhamdulillah , everything has been sort out and we finally ready to go !

we depart from TBS straight to singapore (lavender street) , around 5-6 hours gitu . upon the arrival , gila blank lah . we thought the MRT station was nearby the area but nahhhhh , it was about a kilometer away . darn gila . but wth , we need some adventure :D so we walked together and had wonderful conversation while walking . & that is when i start to get to know anis and aisyah , they're so cuteee and niceee . it's not hard to be friend w/ em' :)

we arrived about 5.15 in the morning . the MRT operates at 5.50 , so okay lah . after hop on the train , we went straight to paya lebar , where our hotel , gateway hotel is located . some issues here and there , but we managed to leave our bags there cause we are rushing to go to USS :D hop onto the MRT again , this time to harbourfront ! OM GEEE , USS really blew me away . i love the design , the rides , the buildings , everything lah . we arrived at 9 am and went back at 8.30 pm . gila tak ? mg make use the time betul-betul . hehe . and since it is during christmas season , they open until 9 pm . hehe . fyi , we rode all the rides ! hahahaha . the best i can say is transformers ride ! awesomeeeeee gila . second shrek 4D ! third baru cyclone and human ride . hehe . mummy ride ? paling annoying . takut sangat :'(

there goes our first day . sampai bilik , semua pengsan . hehe . the next day , we headed to promenade :D from promenade , you can take a free shuttle bus to marina bay . p/s : do not take MRT to marina bay directly , cause it is still an undeveloped area . starting from 14 jan nxt yr , new MRT will be direct you straight to marina bay shopping mall and free shuttle service will ends officially on that date . announcement gituu :D ehehe .

after took alot of pictures at marina bay , we went on MRT to raffles place . actually raffles place is located opposite to marina bay . you can find merlion park from raffles place station :) the buildings in Singapore is outstanding , very beautiful . awwwwhhhhh . i'm missing it now ! after that , we went to bugis street . we need to find souvenirs :) quite cheap i must say , but i didn't buy much . even if it's cheap , still the currency gap is wide enough for me to do the math . huhe . but bugis street lah paling murah kat singapore .

the last day has arrived :( we finally make our way to orchard road ! a shopping heaven . you can find 4 levels of forever twenty one , 3 levels of H&M , and so much more . there are 4 malls close to one another ! memang sampai esok tak habis jalan ! hahaha . BUT , it is still expensive :( for me lah . hehe . i spend almost rm400 to singapore for three days and two nights (doesn't include hotel + USS ticket + transport from kl to singapore and singapore to kl) . & we took almost 1000 pictures , JYEAH !

but it was a worth trip :) i had so much fun with the girls , and we have no regrets ! goodbye singapore . see you , well , when i see you !

signing off .