Thursday, December 15, 2011

red & chocolate

hello and salam gorgeous people :)

today , *cough cough* , i still have a little bit mucus left inside the nose , and now its hurting my throat badly . never mind , i am still strong . frankly , i am not a person who gives so much attention to the body . even i'm having terrible fever or flu , i hate to go to the doctor . to take meds for sure . UNLESS , my real protector force me to . haihhh , can't say no to that :')

yesterday eve , i got a message from my aunty . she wants to order a box of red velvet cupcakes of 25 pieces :) i say okay lah for sure . so , today , at noon i went out to shop a bit and settle things to go to Singapore end of this month ! okay , out of topic . hehehe . as i get home , one whole chicken i cooked in the morning has finished ! awesomeeeeeeee :D eventhough i don't get to taste em' but i'm so happy that everyone else love to eat em' . i balik-balik tengok kaki ayam je ada . hahaha . the next time i went into the kitchen , even kaki ayam pun habis *proud face*

then , i start to bake red velvet cupcakes :)

 red velvet cupcakes 

with the balance of cream cheese frosting , i cannot help myself not to bake cheesecake . hahaha . i don't have digestive biscuits at home at that moment , so i try to make other kind of cheesecake . i name it , chocolate chip and honey nestum cheesecake :D

it was a really simple recipe !

ingredients - butter , cream cheese , sugar , egg , flour , chocolate chip and honey nestum :)

right when it was cooked , everyone has a bite on it . it doesn't take too long to finish this :D my mommy loves it so much , that she demands for moreeee . but i already run out of ingredients . next time okay mommy ? hehe.