Friday, December 30, 2011

IKEA baby

hello & salam people :)

happy saturday ! today is the last day of 2011 and yet , i feel nothing . LOL . luckily , i have twitter and facebook to update me today's date . hahaha .

so , back to the topic . i went to IKEA babyyy ! been craving for ikea meatballs and daim cake since forever . pasal makanan , i do give a damn . i cannot stand people promoting good stuff , yet i haven't taste em' yet . hehehe . daddy fetched me the night i arrived in KL from singapore , and we sleep at my mak lang's house near dengkil . since rumah arwah nenek and arwah datuk has been rented to someone else , the family rarely meet each other , just on special occasions . so , dapat dduk dekat rumah mak lang ni , boleh lah borak2 dgn cousins sket and catch up things in between :)

the next day , abah took us one family to IKEA :D my daddy is sooooo sweet ! he knew that i've been longing to eat IKEA's food . hehe . and finally , i got to taste em' . thank you daddy 

one word for everything in IKEA , CHEAP ! worth the wait and simply delicious . for 6 people to eat western foods , it only cost you rm90 or maybe less w/o water and daim cake . gila awesome kan ? :D

can drink , RM1 ? where else can you find such price nowadays ? then , if you bought carbonated drinks , don't throw away the cup . you can refill for freeee ! dh habis shopping sakan dekat ikea , refill air , refill ice-cream . heaven kot . on the way back to kuantan , singgah OU , shop2 abit , eat teppanyaki like always and bought sticky candy yang tak jadi for RM5 :P & lastly , i got my own kimono wrap . hehe .