Thursday, December 1, 2011

easy caramel pudding

hello people :)

this recipe which i'm going to share is taught by my older sister , izzaty arina . it was a really amazing and brilliant recipe which people cannot resist to make and eat ! thank you along for sharing it with me :)

so , last time , when abang man , kak zan , her sister and ADAM MUHAMMAD (their very the cute son) visiting amir and amirul lepas khatan , i made em' this very easy caramel pudding and also red velvet cake .

pudding ingredients :

condensed milk (1 can)
water (1 can)
7 eggs
a tablespoon of vanilla essence

caramel ingredients :


 the ingredients needed :)

 one , two , three , four , five , six , seven eggs !

 pour in a can of condensed milk 

 a can of water 

 mix them well !

 mix sugar and water . the important tip is , you must not stir the mixture with anything . just shake or move the pan slowly until it is bronze

 the ready caramel ! you have to work quickly with the caramel as it tends to harden very fast

 on top of the harden caramel , pour in the pudding mixture

 i'm using rice cooker to steam my caramel pudding

 flip it of upside down

ready to be serve :) caramel pudding !