Sunday, December 18, 2011


it was yesterday , the day my family and i thought to be our last day being alive . we didn't expect it coming anywhere , of course , it's an accident . the rain was pouring , and i was asleep as me and my family are heading to kuala lumpur for our holiday . and i was awake by the screaming tires and panicking members . and all i saw at that moment was the car start to go left and right so freaking fast . we couldn't do anything at that moment , and i just said to myself , redha atas segala kehendak-Nya . if i were meant to die in that car accident , then i will . i closed my eyes tightly and put my hands upon the ears . the next thing i realize , among us were crying . Alhamdulillah , everybody is safe . and i couldn't believe myself still alive . luckily our car hit the highway divider and scratch all the right body . the right front tire was flown out . i care no more for the car , i care no more for the holiday , but i care the most is not to lose anyone in that car accident . If we all were die in that car accident , we will die as one family . but Allah loves my family , Alhamdulillah . we have been given a chance to sleep and wake up again and serve Him . this is a lesson for everyone , period .