Thursday, November 10, 2011


i will ask you nothing but to understand me . even though , i seem so kind and you thought i can be who ever you want me to be , i'm not . i am as free as a pigeon now . i got nothing to do at home , i seem to watch television half day long , clean up home for a bit and only fetch the kids at evening . i hate this routine to be honest . everything i do now is useless . i can never impress people with their expectation and keep the good image forever . because i am not perfect . i don't have lump sum of money to spend for you guys , i don't have the mood to play , i simply need my time alone when i'm already alone . get what i mean ?

deep inside , i think this feeling is , unappreciated . 

p/s : i really want to go out and hang out with my friends , and for one second , not to think about home . i'm getting bored with the idea of sitting at home for 4 months time . i need to go out and do things i want to do . i want to go camping , i want to just lepak at mamak stall , watch movies in cinema , shopping , anything . please , anyone ?