Monday, November 14, 2011

strawberry & banana tart

hello & salam people :)

the first time i had strawberry and banana tart was in bandung back in september . we dine in at azzura sip and dine restaurant . it was really delicious , that i finally made up my mind to bake one . hahaha . but mine really cannot top the softness of the crust and the taste of extravaganza cinnamon . but it was a good try though :) a very simple recipe and can be ready in a snap !

so here are the recipes and ingredients needed :

strawberry jam
lemon juice
puff pastry
and vanilla ice cream

p/s : i'm using the ready made puff pastry . ingat nk buat sendiri , siap beli yeast dh . but i still don't have the confidence . hahaha .

 these are the ingredients needed :)

 cut the bananas thinly

 cook the strawberry jam with lemon juice and let it boil for awhile before adding bananas 

 cook em' and wait for the mixture to simmer . since i don't have cinnamon powder , i cook the mixture with stick cinnamon . hahaha . 

 then , lay the mixture on the puff pastry

 cover all parts of the pastry with lotsa bananas and strawberry jam ! bake under the temperature of 180 degree for 15-30 mins .

& finally serve it with vanilla ice cream :D

last but not least , mommy , can i have a new camera